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But where does all this gorgeousness come from?

In clean beauty Among the Flowers' case, it's sunny Placerville, California. 




Among the Flowers natural skincare & botanical clean beauty - Rogue




Cruelty-free, botanical clean beauty

Small-batch wild beauty indie apothecary brand Among the Flowers is run by 15 talented women who make all-natural skincare & cruelty-free clean beauty by hand. All botanical super-power ingredients are sustainably sourced, mostly from their own garden in Placerville, California. All Among the Flowers skincare is stripped of all unnecessary & harmful ingredients, making them the perfect addition to your flower power beauty rituals. 


Among the Flowers is founded by the lovely Megan, who has been obsessed with beautiful scents and magic self-care moments since she was a little girl. When she had her first son, she started investigating ingredients in all of her favorite skincare & beauty products like a private detective, only to find out almost all of our most-used goods & brands are filled with damaging components. And since our (hopefully magically glowing) skin absorbs a significantly fair share of those nasty chemicals, they end up in direct contact with our bloodstream and damage our overall health & hormone balance. Scary stuff, right? So really, our skincare & beauty routine should be as clean as the food we eat and the water we drink. Plant powered, botanical wild beauty pretty please.




Among the Flowers natural skincare & botanical clean beauty - Rogue





Wild, plant powered natural skincare from California

Luckily, ultra-creative Megan and many other wonderful clean beauty icons came to our rescue. All Among the Flowers gorgeousness is 100% natural skincare, completely fueled by plant or flower power without any chemical additives, fillers or preservatives of any kind. Their botanical, wild clean beauty includes everything from the most beautiful body oil to natural face cream, those perfect girls-night-in masks and plant make-up like lipstick, highlighter & bronzer. Most of their flowers are sustainably foraged from their own gardens. So now I want to move to California.  


Megan is inspired by the beauty of completely wild spaces: The neon coral of the sunset before rain, the calming pace of dripping rain, the silence of snowfall. All Among the Flowers beauties are handmade by 15 kick-ass women in the northern foothills of California. Everything is produced in small batches by these talented beauty queens that are always on the hunt for new sustainably & ethically sourced flower power. Every bottle is hand-poured, every jar hand-filled and every label is placed, you guessed it, by hand. Big extra plus: All packaging is made from either glass, paper or compostable tubes so no plastic is involved whatsoever. 
Among the Flowers natural skincare & botanical clean beauty - Rogue      

Our Among the Flowers beauty queens make the most beautiful botanical blends with only simple, focused ingredients that are stripped of the unnecessary but filled with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, concentrated enzymes, anti-inflammatory responses, antibacterial antimicrobial compounds, fatty acids, amino acids, micro-biomes, beneficial lipids, aromatherapy and a vast phytonutrient activity. All these botanical super-powers have a positive affect on your body without harming it, make your hormones go crazy or drying out your skin. Plus, nothing is EVER tested on animals. We pinky-promise. We L-O-V-E animals more than anything. 


Among the Flowers is all about celebrating self-care and peace of mind in this crazy-fast world. So slow down a little, don't forget to take care of yourself and spread that self-love.

And not just on self-care Sunday. 


Among the Flowers natural skincare & botanical clean beauty - Rogue 
Among the Flowers natural skincare & botanical clean beauty - Rogue
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 Among the Flowers natural skincare & botanical clean beauty - Rogue