All our jewelry is made by hand under good circumstances by boss babe indie brands. Honest, ethical, good quality pieces that are so gorgeous you want to wear them forever. Conscious, girl power consuming is the most important thing to us and we do not compromise on it. Ever. 

As fashion icon Vivienne Westwood said it best: Buy less, choose well, make it lastSo give your new fave the love it deserves. To make sure your statement pieces stay their best for as long as possible, please follow these guidelines.




We totally get you want to wear that beauty around-the-clock, but it's better to take it off while:
  • Sleeping;
  • Spraying perfume, oils & lotions;
  • Swimming in pools, hot tubs and the ocean;
  • Showering & washing your hands;
  • Exercising;
  • Cleaning. 

Do not store your jewelry box in direct sunlight and avoid keeping silver & golden treasures too close together as they might tarnish quicker. Scratches and user marks may occur. This is normal when wearing it for a longer time on a daily basis.


Keeping your gold-plated obsessions as new can be tricky, but with these wise words it will be a lot easier to enjoy them for as long as you possibly can. Each time you take your stunner off, wipe it really gently with a cotton ball or a very, very soft cloth (like the ones they use for fancy sunglasses). No polishing. Once every few weeks, soak your faves in some warm water with basic, non-antibacterial soap for a few minutes before gently wiping them dry with your super-soft cloth. 

When you haven't worn your silver jewelry a while, it can get a bit darker. But no worries, just polish them with silver polish or a silver polish cloth and they will be as good as new.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. This is a pure material that is very sturdy, but can get darker when you wear it a lot. Just like silver though, you can polish it back to new. Just be sure to use copper polish for brass, not silver polish. Copper polish can seriously damage silver and gold plated beauties, so take off all your jewelry before you start polishing. 

Brass under gold plating is used because brass is also gold. So in case the gold plating gets thinner, the color will stay gold. Brass may have a blue/green effect on your skin. This depends on your pH value. For the same reason, it is possible that your jewelry will shine extra bright or become duller. 

Glass jewelry will never change color and if you're careful with them, you can wear them forever-ever. We wear our glass rings all the time and have dropped them several times - yes, we're clumsy - and they're still absolutely fine, so they sound more breakable than they actually are. Don't overdo it though.

If you're allergic to different jewelry, it's best to pick glass jewelry, 925 sterling silver or either 925 sterling silver with gold plating or solid gold for golden faves. 




Wildthings: 925 sterling silver or brass with thick 18K gold plating

Hermina Athens: 925 sterling silver with thick 18K gold plating

Luiny: Gold-filled, only brass or thick gold plating over brass

Keane: Handblown glass with 925 sterling silver pins in the earrings

Ninfa: Handblown glass, 18k gold vermeil + freshwater pearls 

Flawed: 925 sterling silver or 925 sterling silver with 14K gold plating. In 2022, Flawed introduced their strong new 3 micron gold plating


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