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At Rogue, we believe in taking all the small steps you can to make your life a little more sustainable every day. Sustainability is a journey. And a super complex one. We are not perfect. Our brands are not perfect. But we sure are trying our best to be as conscious as we possible can. All of our brands contribute in their own unique ways. But they all have one thing in common: They try to make the world a better place. One step at the time. 

Besides only curating sustainable brands, we also try to make the rest of our process as sustainable as possible. Our packaging is fun, but minimal. With recycled materials and botanical decor - hello, cute flowers -. We're working towards shipping climate friendly, which is a bit of a process but know we're on it. Our little warehouse is in the super cute 9 straatjes in the city centre of Amsterdam inside a very beautiful sustainable lingerie store with who we share our space. You can pick up your order there for free during shop hours. So Amsterdam crowd, go for it! We work from home a lot too and are in the process of making her climate neutral with solar panels, a heat pump and collected rain water. You can follow our journey here

All our female founders are kind, conscious, talented, strong women who are working hard to make a change. Together, we can make a big difference with all the little steps we take. Every. Single. Day. Please only buy things you absolutely love. New faves that make you happy and that you'll wear or use a lot. And be careful with them too. Thank you for being conscious. You rock. 







Sustainability - About Rogue




All of our jewelry is made by hand in small ateliers run by female entrepreneurs. Some founders make it themselves, others live close to the atelier - or even together with the family like Flawed - or are in close contact with them to make sure they take the very best care of the talented people that make your jewelry. With good working conditions, regular hours, a fair wage, maternity leave and in some cases daycare. 

Our brands work with recycled materials - like recycled silver and brass - and only source conflict-free gold. Everything is made in small badges to avoid over-production. Silver and brass jewelry will last you a lifetime because you can polish it to make it look as new. Gold-plated jewelry is a good alternative if you do not have the budget for solid gold but are allergic or sensitive to brass. All of our gold-plated jewelry is coated very well to ensure it will last as long as possible. And if you take care of it, it will last a long, long time. How? Read all about it hereGlass jewelry will never change color and if you're careful with them, you can wear them forever-ever. We wear our glass rings all the time and have dropped them several times - yes, we're clumsy - and they're still absolutely fine, so they sound more breakable than they actually are. Don't overdo it though.

There's a little story about each brand in all product pages and we're working hard on making blogs and interviews to give you the best background info as possible. 







Sustainability - About Rogue





Just like our jewelry, our beauty is made in small ateliers and in small badges by female run indie businesses. If there is anything we love most in the whole wide world, it's animals. So rest assured, it's all cruelty-free. In fact, there's only one thing that is not vegan - our fan fave tight + bright face cleanser - which contains organic honey. Plus, everything is clean and non-toxic too. Without ingredients that harm you - and the planet. There's a cocktail of bad stuff in mainstream beauty products that makes its way into the environment. But luckily, there are so many alternatives that are not only super effective for your skin and planet-friendly, but also look amazing on your nightstand. 

All of our beauty brands have environmentally-friendly glass + cardboard packaging and source only the best plant-based ingredients without hurting the environment they come from. They are inclusive, diverse and body positive too. Plus, they all give back a part of their profit to all different kinds of good causes. From women's rights to animal welfare and planting trees. 

So are you looking for a new clean beauty routine that improves your skin, gives you that dewy glow you've always wanted and is good for mama earth + animals too? Look no further. Our minimalistic, multifunctional, high performing self-care essentials are your new go-to powerhouses for sure. Flower power for the win, babe. 







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