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Rowsie Vain's rosewater & aloe vera toner + mist is a refreshing, super-hydrating 100% organic elixer that corrects pH levels, removes oil & dirt from the day and makes your skin super soft, rejuvinated & fresh. Get ready for that smooth and naturally radiant glow. Wake up and smell the roses, babe. 

Use: Mist over your face or everywhere for refreshing pick-me-up or as toner after cleaning + before moisturizing for extra hydration, to remove dirt & oil, correct your Ph levels and help your moisturizer absorb better.



Rowsie Vain is all about wild small-batch clean beauty, creating earth grown solutions for unapologetic self love. Based in valley of the moon Ojai, rockstar boss babe Whitney makes botanical & effective beauty by hand using only natural, wild & organically sourced ingredients. Rowsie Vain's au naturel, multi-functional & absolutely devine smelling skincare will have you falling in love quick. Self-care Sunday, every day. 


NATURAL SKINCARE. Handmade in California.
  • Botanical, vegan all-natural clean beauty
  • Cruelty free, never tested on animals 
  • Free of synthetic preservatives & harmful ingredients
  • Small-batch, handmade apothecary
  • Volume: 110ml (3.4oz) glass sphere bottle

Ingredients: Organic aloe leaf juice, rosa demascena flower distillate