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Whether you carry a few of them in your bag for good vibrations, use them in beauty or meditation rituals, have one under your pillow to help you sleep at night or just love the way they look on your coffee table, crystals are the ultimate powerhouses of mother nature. All have special powers that help realign your energy and vibes; to give peace of mind, protect against negativity, clear your thoughts, achieve goals, lift your mood... Just explore what crystal could give you that little push in the right direction.  

Aragonite helps you to 'let it go, let it gooo and don't worry 'bout it anymore' by releasing negative energy, anger, fear and anxiety. When you feel angry, it brings calmness and gives balance and inner peace. Aragonite blocks out chaos and distraction, helping you make decision, concentrate and focus on what's important. By letting go of negativity, it will make you feel lighter. 


VINTAGE. Vintage crystal found while treasure hunting.

Raw crystal. Color: Terracotta orange. 

Measurements: Approximately 7cm by 9cm.

Weight: 422 gram.