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Oh, how this 'beach cocktail' art card by Isabelle Feliu knows exactly what we need right now. A beach day sounds amazing. We get bored after a few days and want to go adventuring again, but those few days of peace and quiet are so, so magical. 

These art cards are either big cards or small art prints. Send them to someone lucky or frame them like we do.

Hang this cutie in your kitchen as a reminder to treat yourself. This 'beach cocktail' art card won't let you forget. It's super easy to combine with all of Isabelle Feliu's illustrations, like with her 'an abstract cacti dress' art card for the ultimate girl power combo. 



Mega talented French Canadian, half-Honduran illustrator Isabelle Feliu creates the most dreamy, colorful places filled with super-stylish women. All her art prints immediately make you want to grab your favorite dress and travel to an excluded palm-dotted oasis or arched-filled city. Celebrating freedom, womanhood, inclusivity & body positivity in the most perfect way, Isabelle always shows women having fun in beautiful surroundings. From Marrakech to India and beyond. Girl power wanderlust, it really doesn't get any better than this.


FEMALE DESIGNER. Girl power prints. 

  • Print from gouache on paper
  • Multicolor
  • 13 x 19 cm

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